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Water-hungry Indian villagers find new reservoirs of solidarity By:Mark Tran

Article published by: The Guardian Villagers on the bank of a body of water that feeds the surrounding fields, near Dungarpur, Rajasthan, February 2013. Photograph: Mark Tran for the Guardian The villages around Dungarpur town in India‘s north-western state of Rajasthan have a beguiling beauty. The hills are beginning to turn brown but the landscape … Continue reading

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Our Research Featured in INESAD’s Global South Development Magazine

Dear Readers, I and my research team’s project on ancient Maya water management systems in Central America was ranked at # 7 by INESAD in a news story covering 12 initiatives making a difference in food and agriculture. We want to thank INESAD staff very much for their consideration. I should also mention the names … Continue reading

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WFP’s MERET Programme

By: WFP, “MERET: Land Generation in Ethiopia” A joint venture between the Ethiopian government and WFP, the MERET programme gets chronically food-insecure communities involved in environmental rehabilitation and sustainable income- generating activities that improve livelihoods. Mohamed Hussein stands on a ridge, looking down on the terraced hillside that he says changed his life “completely”. The … Continue reading

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Lacandon Maya’s Sustainable Agricultural Practices in a Sub-Tropical Forest Setting

Ancient Maya civilization is important to study as we learn more about their sustainable practices in the sub-tropical forests of Central America. As you may know, ancient Maya existed in parts of Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras. Scholars now know ancient Maya were able to sustain a long-term food production system that is … Continue reading

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Fuel Efficient Stove Designed by a Darfur Mother

Halima, a mother from Darfur, recently won a World Food Programme $300 cash prize for designing a fuel-efficient stove. The stove made from mud, consumes two-thirds less fuel than traditional way of cooking by effectively using the law of thermodynamics. Anything can be burn in these stoves–wood, household waste, animal dung, brickets (made out of recycled local materials by … Continue reading

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Ambani’s Mango Orchard Success in an Arid Part of India

We’ll continue to look into the reasons for success of mango orchards in an arid landscape with a BSh climatic Koppen classification. For those unfamiliar, BSh climates are characterized by very low, unreliable precipitation (<300 mm total annual precipitation), practically taking place in two to three months. Other areas around the world that have Bsh classification include western Venezuela, the northernmost peninsulas in South America, parts of Lesser … Continue reading