Slash-and-burn ‘improves tropical forest biodiversity’

Slash-and-burn ‘improves tropical forest biodiversity’ – SciDev.Net. Slash-and-burn agricultural practices, banned by governments because of the risk of uncontrolled fires, provide better growing conditions for valuable new trees than more modern methods of forestclearance, a study suggests. Starting in 1996, researchers cleared 24 half-hectare areas of tropical forest in Quintana Roo state, in southern Mexico, … Continue reading

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WFP’s MERET Programme

By: WFP, “MERET: Land Generation in Ethiopia” A joint venture between the Ethiopian government and WFP, the MERET programme gets chronically food-insecure communities involved in environmental rehabilitation and sustainable income- generating activities that improve livelihoods. Mohamed Hussein stands on a ridge, looking down on the terraced hillside that he says changed his life “completely”. The … Continue reading

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Lacandon Maya’s Sustainable Agricultural Practices in a Sub-Tropical Forest Setting

Ancient Maya civilization is important to study as we learn more about their sustainable practices in the sub-tropical forests of Central America. As you may know, ancient Maya existed in parts of Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras. Scholars now know ancient Maya were able to sustain a long-term food production system that is … Continue reading