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Our Research on Hurricane Sandy, Early Warning Assessment and Coastal Resilience in Connecticut Featured in New Haven Register

Dear Readers, Interdisciplinary research on adaptation to changing environment of Connecticut and early warning and assessment we did with our school’s oceanographer has been featured in the New Haven Register. Please see the below article by Mark Zaretsky to read more about it: Continue reading

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Our Research Featured in INESAD’s Global South Development Magazine

Dear Readers, I and my research team’s project on ancient Maya water management systems in Central America was ranked at # 7 by INESAD in a news story covering 12 initiatives making a difference in food and agriculture. We want to thank INESAD staff very much for their consideration. I should also mention the names … Continue reading

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Water and Food Secuity Threatened in Himalayan River Basins By: Janak Pathak

A serious lack of reliable and consistent data severely hampers scientific knowledge about the state of Himalayan glaciers. As a result, the contribution of glacial melt to the Himalayan river basins remains uncertain. This is of grave importance because  declining water availability could threaten the food security of more than 70 million  people. There is … Continue reading

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Ambani’s Mango Orchard Success in an Arid Part of India

We’ll continue to look into the reasons for success of mango orchards in an arid landscape with a BSh climatic Koppen classification. For those unfamiliar, BSh climates are characterized by very low, unreliable precipitation (<300 mm total annual precipitation), practically taking place in two to three months. Other areas around the world that have Bsh classification include western Venezuela, the northernmost peninsulas in South America, parts of Lesser … Continue reading

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Lessons of Deforestation & Microclimate Change: Past and Present

Climate and vegetation change in the ancient Maya landscapes is a known phenomena to scholars and scientists that have studied this civilization. Besides the non-anthropogenic regional climatic aridification that the ancient Maya went through during Late Preclassic (125-210 A.D.) and Late to Terminal Classic (800-1000 A.D.) periods, a significant change in climate and landscape change took place as a result of human-induced environmental impact in the … Continue reading