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A new study: Potential of Rainwater Harvesting in a Thirsty World: A Survey of Ancient and Traditional Rainwater Harvesting Applications

Dear Readers, My co-author Fatima Cecunjanin and I recently published a new study on the potential of rainwater harvesting. We surveyed past-to-present rainwater harvesting methods and documented the cultures that practiced them from climatically vulnerable dry-wet, semi-arid and arid regions.  Please see one of the tables that can be found in the publication below: To … Continue reading

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Our Research Featured in INESAD’s Global South Development Magazine

Dear Readers, I and my research team’s project on ancient Maya water management systems in Central America was ranked at # 7 by INESAD in a news story covering 12 initiatives making a difference in food and agriculture. We want to thank INESAD staff very much for their consideration. I should also mention the names … Continue reading

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Water and Food Secuity Threatened in Himalayan River Basins By: Janak Pathak

A serious lack of reliable and consistent data severely hampers scientific knowledge about the state of Himalayan glaciers. As a result, the contribution of glacial melt to the Himalayan river basins remains uncertain. This is of grave importance because  declining water availability could threaten the food security of more than 70 million  people. There is … Continue reading

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The Man Who Stopped the Desert By: Janeen Madan

When Mark Dodd, an award-winning filmmaker visited Burkina Faso’s Yatenga province, he met Yacouba Sawadogo, a peasant farmer, whose life story Dodd felt compelled to share through film. Yacouba Sawadogo, a farmer in Burkina Faso, has developed an innovative planting technique that is restoring degraded land across Africa’s Sahel region. (Photo credit: Center for International … Continue reading

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WFP’s MERET Programme

By: WFP, “MERET: Land Generation in Ethiopia” A joint venture between the Ethiopian government and WFP, the MERET programme gets chronically food-insecure communities involved in environmental rehabilitation and sustainable income- generating activities that improve livelihoods. Mohamed Hussein stands on a ridge, looking down on the terraced hillside that he says changed his life “completely”. The … Continue reading

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Lacandon Maya’s Sustainable Agricultural Practices in a Sub-Tropical Forest Setting

Ancient Maya civilization is important to study as we learn more about their sustainable practices in the sub-tropical forests of Central America. As you may know, ancient Maya existed in parts of Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras. Scholars now know ancient Maya were able to sustain a long-term food production system that is … Continue reading